This project may have started in 2008, but SullivanDay established its relationship with the owner in 1985. The 15,560-square-foot retail building needed a makeover, so the owner engaged SullivanDay and architect Krech, O’Brien, Mueller & Associates to perform a complete remodel on the outdated block and metal exterior.

Our Approach
Due to the recession, SullivanDay and the owner collaborated on several design edits, but shelved construction until 2012. Our team touched base every six months until a plan was made to move forward. The existing tenants — a bank and furniture store — stayed open during the remodel so we coordinated with them on scheduling and used scaffolding on the exterior for public safety and efficiency. Choosing an EIFS material, which is a dense synthetic coating, we clad the entire existing exterior for an updated and smooth surface look.

The results were worth the wait. The exterior transformation was so profound on this retail location that it was recognized for a 2013 STARR Award for Design & Aesthetics Renovation/Remodels under 20,000 square feet from the Minnesota Shopping Center Association (MSCA).